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Creating good software requires an in-depth knowledge of the computing technology being used. At A. A. Intelligent Systems we believe that we can deliver the best quality solutions to our customers by making use of highly capable software engineers who specialize in their specific field. This ensures the end product delivered will be one which completely meets with our customers requirements and expectations.

Developers on our team have expertise in:

  • Cross-platform C++ development with GUI, Database and Networking features
  • Visual Basic development with Databases and Networking features
  • .NET development
  • Java development using Standard Edition, Micro Edition and Enterprise Edition
  • Palm OS and Pocket PC based development
  • Encryption software development
  • Open-source databases like MySQL, PostGreSQL, Firebird, HyperSQL etc.
  • Propriety databases like Oracle, MS SQL, Access etc.
  • Internationalized software development (English, Arabic, Urdu etc.)

Our Scope of Services include the following services, among others:

  • Consultancy services for studying the existing manual system of data entry or old legacy software systems
  • Customized solutions, designed as per budget, needs and size of company
  • Outsourcing partners for overseas clients
  • Client/Server based solutions where the client-end can be cross-platform, able to run even on PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) and mobile phones. The server-end can also be cross-platform, able to run on Windows, Linux, Unix, BSD and Mac OS based servers
  • Solutions that integrate into legacy systems
  • Web-based solutions that do not require anything to be installed on client machines to run
  • Solutions that integrate with PC based hardware like Proximity/RFID readers used in attendance and security systems
  • Multi-Language software development

 We are also registered and active members of the following organizations and communities:

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