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Data Collection for Bridge Management System PDF Print E-mail

Technologies Used: GPS, Laser Distance Meter, Google Earth, MS Office Automation, ActiveX, Bridge Management System

bridge management systemThe Road Asset Management Division (RAMD) of the National Highway Authority (NHA), Pakistan is in process of developing and implementing a Software-based Bridge Management System (BMS) as a part of the Road Asset Management System (RAMS), in order to improve the maintenance planning and programming of NHA. As a part of the BMS implementation, all 6000 bridges and 20,000 culverts needed to be inventoried and inspected. Data collected comprised of dimensions of different bridge components and culverts, recording of damages through physical inspections, GPS coordinates of structures, digital pictures of structures and their damages. The collected data had to be compatible with SMARTBridge BMS software.

The scope of services included inspections of structures at site and filling in the “Bridge Inventory Data form” for Bridges and “Culverts Inventory Data form” for Culverts. The condition evaluations of bridge and culvert components were carried out and the damages were recorded and maintenance of repair works were requested for them according to the parameter lists. GPS coordinates and digital pictures were also taken for all structures and their damages. A Quality Assurance procedure was established where the data from the site was checked manually by Senior Structural Engineers and then double-checked using software developed by our firm. Software was also developed to map the collected data on Google Earth to view and confirm the data.


Mobile Stocks PDF Print E-mail

Technologies Used: Java Mobile Edition (MIDP 1.0 & MIDP 2.0), Linux Server,  HTTP, Internationalization (Arabic & English UI), Joomla

Mobile StocksThe purpose of this software is to provide its user information about the current up-to-date status of stocks in the Saudi Stock Exchange. The client application runs on all mobiles supporting Java (both MIDP 1.0 and MIDP 2.0). The user would first register on a website developed using Joomla. Using the website's login information the user would then register his/her mobile with the server using the Java Mobile Application. The application would login to the server and then display LIVE stocks information on the mobile.

 Some features of the Java application are as follows:

  • Options for choosing favourite stocks
  • Multilingual user interface (Arabic and English)
  • Multiple themes for the stocks display
  • Multiple layouts for displaying stocks
  • Maintaining record of stock buying and selling activities


Inventory Recording Software PDF Print E-mail

Technologies Used: Palm OS, Linux, Windows, PHP, MySQL, Java, SuperWaba SDK

ImageThis software was developed as part of a contract for National Drilling Company (NDC), Abu Dhabi for performing the physical inventory of approximately 120,000 items on various rig locations, warehouses and workshops.

The software was broken up into 2 modules, one for recording the inventory on-site and another for reporting. The recording software was Palm OS based running on a PDA which allowed searching through a database for identifying items and adding/editing inventory records. The reporting module was web-based running on our internet servers accessed by NDC staff from their premises. Its notable features are:

  • Central Database Server and Reporting Software running on Linux
  • Palm OS PDA based recording software
  • Automatic processing of recorded data and generation of reports
  • Multiple fast search facilities through a 120,000 records long database on PDA


Attendance Recording System PDF Print E-mail

 Technologies Used: Windows/Linux, Java, MS Excel, PDF, Platform Independant, Database Independant, Embedded Database, Barcode, RFID / Proximity Cards, Magnetic Stripe Cards

ImageThis software allows an organization to record and keep track of attendance data for all its employees, providing customized reports for tracking attendance activity. Employees swipe their identification cards on the attendance terminals using barcode, magnetic or proximity readers. The terminals records the data directly onto a database server. Its notable features are:
  • Reports can be viewed in Real-Time
  • All reports can be saved as MS Excel, PDF, HTML and XML
  • Works standalone, over an intranet or over the Internet
  • Works with Barcode, Magnetic stripe cards or Proximity / RFID cards


Letter Generation Wizard PDF Print E-mail

Technologies Used: VBA, MS Office Automation

Image This software is developed for The McShane Firm, LLC - Law Offices. It allows its users to create wizard driven letters using a simple user interface. Once the wizard has been generated, a user can run the wizard which will ask questions step by step and then automatically generate a letter in MS Word using a defined template.


Payments Tracker PDF Print E-mail

Technologies Used: Windows Client, MS Office Automation (Word and Excel files generation), Embedded database

Image This software is developed for The McShane Firm, LLC - Law Offices based in Harrisburg, PA for tracking of payments for cases being handled. Its keeps a record of all payments received and pending from clients. It automatically generates letters in MS Word to be sent to clients for reminders, contracts to be signed etc. It also generates various reports in MS Excel for administration purposes.


Yahoo Japan Auctions App PDF Print E-mail

Technologies Used: Website Scraping, HTTP, Iconv, Charset Conversion, i18n, Windows Client

YahooBids This software is developed for a Japanese client to have an easy to use desktop application to keep track of items of interest on the Yahoo Japan Auction website. The application downloads all the catetgories on the site, allows its user to select categories of interest, items of interest, automatically download the current bid price of selected items, display details of items in a sortable grid etc. The application uses Iconv to convert the website's Japanese charset (EUC-JP) text into UTF-16.


PGL Match Sneaker - Gaming League Anti Cheat Software PDF Print E-mail

Technologies Used: Linux Server,  Windows Client, Encryption, HTTP/FTP, Win32 API

Image This software is developed for the Pro Gaming League website. Its purpose is to record games played by members of the league to ensure that they were not using any cheats or mods during the game. The software monitors user's windows processes, takes screenshots at random intervals during a game session and uploads the data directly onto the league's server where all players of that session could then see each others data. The data collected during the session would be encrypted using a mix of multiple standard encryption methods along with a customized algorithm. All communication with the server was encrypted.


Letter Management System PDF Print E-mail

Technologies Used: Windows Client, ActiveX, Linux Server, MySQL

ImageThis software is for tracking official letters sent to company clients. It provides facilities for inserting, editing, deleting as well as searching of letters by date, subject and/or by the client name it was sent to. Its notable features are:
  • Central Database Server running on Linux
  • GUI running on Windows client
  • Accessible through Network
  • Auto Generation of Reference Numbers


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