Inventory Recording Software

Technologies Used: Palm OS, Linux, Windows, PHP, MySQL, Java, SuperWaba SDK

ImageThis software was developed as part of a contract for National Drilling Company (NDC), Abu Dhabi for performing the physical inventory of approximately 120,000 items on various rig locations, warehouses and workshops.

The software was broken up into 2 modules, one for recording the inventory on-site and another for reporting. The recording software was Palm OS based running on a PDA which allowed searching through a database for identifying items and adding/editing inventory records. The reporting module was web-based running on our internet servers accessed by NDC staff from their premises. Its notable features are:

  • Central Database Server and Reporting Software running on Linux
  • Palm OS PDA based recording software
  • Automatic processing of recorded data and generation of reports
  • Multiple fast search facilities through a 120,000 records long database on PDA