Mobile Stocks

Technologies Used: Java Mobile Edition (MIDP 1.0 & MIDP 2.0), Linux Server,  HTTP, Internationalization (Arabic & English UI), Joomla

Mobile StocksThe purpose of this software is to provide its user information about the current up-to-date status of stocks in the Saudi Stock Exchange. The client application runs on all mobiles supporting Java (both MIDP 1.0 and MIDP 2.0). The user would first register on a website developed using Joomla. Using the website's login information the user would then register his/her mobile with the server using the Java Mobile Application. The application would login to the server and then display LIVE stocks information on the mobile.

 Some features of the Java application are as follows:

  • Options for choosing favourite stocks
  • Multilingual user interface (Arabic and English)
  • Multiple themes for the stocks display
  • Multiple layouts for displaying stocks
  • Maintaining record of stock buying and selling activities